The Last Admiral


Rear Admiral
Thoai Hovanky

Rear Admiral (Lower Half), Republic of South Vietnam Navy, retired

Last Admiral

A war is fought on many fronts: the physical, political, economic, and psychological. In The Last Admiral, Rear Admiral (lower half) Thoai Hovanky, the final surviving member of the South Vietnamese admiralty, tells the story of the Vietnam War first-hand. Witnessed through the eyes of a young graduate of the Naval Reserve Training Center who emerged as a decorated officer and survivor of numerous actions, coups d'état, and finally the Vietnam War itself.
Adapting to extreme changes of circumstance, Rear Admiral Thoai Hovanky (RVN Navy, retired) navigates us from his early life in French-occupied Vietnam through the fiery path that led to hard-earned wisdom and respect from two nations.

Untold Stories

From the fate of numerous officers to high-level politics, Admiral Thoai Hovanky reveals often overlooked truths about the Vietnam War.

New Photos

Never-before-published photos show the planning and discipline involved in fighting a war, as well as the human side of the soldiers who fought in it.

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